Yugen Essentials

Dive into Essential Yugen Techniques, Practices, and Exercises in with the Yugen staff in a two-day workshop.



In Boulder, CO

July 18th + 19th

September 5th + 6th

Dec. 5th and 6th

Relationship with self

Ultimately, it is the relationship we have with ourselves that most greatly affects our relationships with everyone and everything. Problems start to happen when we lose sight of deeper aspects of ourselves and neglect that relationship. Emotions overwhelm, our perceptions get distorted and the world may begin to look like a complicated, limited place.

Relationship with other

Our lives don’t exist in a bubble. We are living in and with many social networks, systems, and communities and are continuously influencing each other. Let’s shine the light on relationship and navigate it together with the intelligence of relational tools.

Relationship with the World

Together, we will track your longer term goals, development, and milestones. Attention will be put on your larger life context and integrating our work in a way where it deeply ripples throughout your many worlds.

Developing and depening

Into The Essentials

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