Yugen Essentials Course

Your 4-Day Deep Dive into the Yugen Approach

Introducing Yugen's Essential Course

This 4-Day Course provides both a safe and rigorous learning space to develop fundamental Yugen Coaching Skills. 

We will focus on the 4 elements of the Yugen Foundation training, 

1. Communication Skills

2. Life Vision & Strategy

3. Shadow Work & Integration

 4. Adult Ego Development  

This training will leave you with effective tools that will support you and your clients in moving forward into the world powerfully and vulnerably.   

This course is a pre-requisite towards the Yugen Coaching Program. 

On this growth journey You will walk away with...

Communication Skills
Day 1, we learn the skills to listen and communicate with others in a way that fosters clarity, understanding, and deeper connection.
Coaching is listening and speaking in a way that supports your client in  understanding themselves and their desires more clearly.  
Powerful conversations evoke a deepening connection to one's desires in an enlivening way. 
Life Vision & Strategy
Day 2, we learn ways of enhancing productivity and strategy to achieve what you desire in the bigger picture of your life.  
Expand your context of yourself and of psychological phenomenon as it relates to creating measurable goals that lead to your overall life vision by starting with your WHY. From there, we learn the science of habits, structure, and accountability to work with our human machinery more effectively.
Shadow Work Skills
Day 3, As you develop a relationship to your unconscious and apply it, 
your world opens up.
Learn tangible and hands on skills that you can apply in your sessions with yourselves and clients immediately. 
We specifically dive into Projection, Parts work, and Introjection. 
In addition, we explore the principles of shadow work and our emotional landscape as a transformative and welcome context.  
A Developmental Boost
Learning and exploring Development work leads to a boost in your own personal growth. As the coach transforms, the coaches' clients transform as well. This boost is invaluable in the field and something to cultivate ongoingly to be expanding to new edges.
There are fairly predictable ways in which our adult ego develops and methods of supporting consciousness development through shadow work, awareness, and personal growth.
Learning is life changing

Custom designed tools to boost your life

During this course, we’ll focus on diving deep into fundamental coaching skills in service of helping you reach your goals, personally and professionally. We strongly believe that the best coaches receive coaching, and we will go deep into your personal process during this four day course.  

If you want a both a safe and rigorous learning environment...

If you want support from Cat and Shelby and encouragement from our loving, skilled community in reaching your professional and personal goals... 

and if you want to provide more effective coaching for your clients…

Schedule a Discovery Call for our upcoming course. 

This course is a pre-requisite to the 6mo coaches training.

What will you get if you take this course? 

Communication skills that can be applied to any relationship to create clarity, connection, and possibilities.
A clearer relationship to the world and yourself, and thus an ability to make more aligned and clearer choices about your future.
Fluency in the language of the unconscious and an ability to do the foundational basics to navigate your inner world. 
A sustainable road map to maintaining clarity and integrity with yourself and your past that is continuously updated to keep up with latest developments.
Lifetime access to an online community of fellow self development pioneers.

How it works, getting started is easy


Schedule a Discovery Call
Get all your questions answered and see if this course is a fit for you.


Check your email! 
In your email, will be a pdf with all of the information you need to get started with the course.


Login to the online 
learning platform
Once you've logged into the online platform, we have recommended reading and video content to help get you started.
Will I be able to coach after this course? 
Short answer, Maybe.  It depends on how well you apply what you have learned.  Everyone starts with a different background and for some, this will be the perfect stepping stone to launch into a full coaching practice.  Others will start coaching whether they feel ready to go or not and learn along the way.  Some will feel like they need more training first.  
What if I get overwhelmed and need more support? 
You will have access to a high quality online community that includes many Yugen Trained coaches and talented individuals. We also have a direct support option to book a session with a Yugen Coach. 
What if I've never done anything like this before? 
That is ok! This course is meant for students of all levels. If you have questions or feel lost at any point, you can always tap into the online community and receive support. In addition, throughout the course we have multiple staff members available for check-ins and personal support. 
I've already done a lot of personal growth work - would this be helpful for me still? 
If you have already done a lot of personal development work, we recommend giving us a call to see how this may or may not overlap in your previous training. This course is not for everyone and we do not recommend everyone take this training. 

And - the context in which we hold these tools and skills is powerful enough to support more experienced professionals in continuing to gain value from simple concepts. There is room for deepening complexity and impact regardless of your starting point. 
What if I sign up and then find out it's not for me?
If you sign up and find no value for you in continuing the course we are happy to offer a full refund within 15 days of purchasing the course. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer? Reach out to our customer support team at info@yugeninstitute.com.

Active Learning Platform

The online learning platform we use is collaborative in nature. We'll be posting all classes, homework, feedback and support through this single platform. 

Dedicated Yugen Coaches

We have a staff of dedicated Yugen coaches available to you online. They participate in our online platforms and are available for discounted 1:1 sessions if you need more support with your personal process. 

Online Community

The online community is robust and filled with high quality humans who are devoted to their development and healing.  

Optional Meet-ups

If you would like to engage even more, there are optional meet-ups, live events, and group options for those who have completed the course.

What support will I receive?