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A 6-month Training in Boulder, CO 

This course is designed for people who are yearn to have the meta-skills needed to engage with complex internal processes. This training will support one in their personal development by teaching intimacy and communication skills, as well as introspective, shadow, and self agency skills. The combination of these tools is a full system upgrade. 

Join a group of coaches who are ready to engage in honest inquiry and open into deeper versions of self. Here, profound and true transformation becomes possible. Each cohort is unique, and provides a deeply humbling experience for all involved.

Together, we will embark on a mature learning journey of our human development – here, every interaction becomes a work of art. Our spontaneous discoveries, wild abandon, and slow movement into wholeness open into an infinite horizon line.

A training like no other

How we uniquely light the path

Transform yourself and others

Learn the creative process of designing transformational experiences for others, and in the process receiving the beauty of your own system, with exercises designed to support you in growing into your leading edge. Embrace the emerging movement and unfolding of deep inquiry.

Generative Focus

This training is not intended to exist in a bubble. We engage actively with how to take the network, the learnings, and the tools from inside the cohort to outside into your world.

Integral Synthesis

All of the work learned in class is a synthesis of multiple bodies of knowledge, science, philosophies, wisdom, and tradition. We pull from decades of experience and have multiple staff with their own specialties to create a holistic course designed to support you in bringing this information directly into your day-to-day life.

Developmentally Designed

This training is created to not just create state changes, but stage shifts in consciousness. Lean into healthy vertical development.

Shadow Work

Beyond the perspective of a single teacher, there are multiple teachers, mentors, and previous students who will be supporting you in illuminating blind spots and unconscious material. The potential for supportive feedback and insights into your unconscious bias's and belief's is vast. 


Join a community of sincere humans who are interested in holding more responsibility for humanities well being. Transform yourself relationally – both in intimacy with another and with the collective.

2022 Curriculum

September 2022

During the first weekend, we will engage in cohesion as a group and begin our first module: Strategy, together.  

December 2022

During our final weekend, we will be completing the Adult development work and close the group container.  

Details for the 2022 Program

Taught by Yugen Staff, guest teachers, and mentors, this course is a 6-month long course, with in person meetings in September and December, and online curriculum in between modules. Class meetings are five days long, hosted at a retreat center in Boulder, CO. 

Between Modules

You’ll be doing a lot of both supporting and being supported, in as many different contexts as possible. And there’s no way around this. This isn’t a course focused on supporting you to ‘help everybody else’. Knowing intimately what it’s like to have a blindspot highlighted by a coach simply co-exploring with you, or to suddenly have a ‘good cry’ you didn’t even know you needed, or feeling deeply seen and understood during a practice session…only by having walked this terrain yourself will you help others navigate their own.

Pods + Mentoring

Between each module, you will meet with your pod to do homework and coaching.

You will be assigned a mentor to meet with you and your squad for the duration of the training. In this group, you will complete course group homework, awareness practices, and trade sessions with each other.
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How much time will I spend on this training?

Outside of class time, we recommend you spend 4-6 hours a week practicing, completing assignments, and meeting with your pods.
Of course, the more you put into the program, the more you will get out of it. And, we know that life events come up, weddings, funerals, and all the in-between can come up during this training. The great thing is, you will have all of the recordings and materials, at your disposal forever! You can always return to the class at a later date.
"The Yugen Foundations Training deepened, broadened and profoundly enriched my capacities as a personal coach. The training beautifully combined a strong foundation in developmental theory with experiential learning that continually brought me to my own growth edges while refining my ability to show up for my clients more skillfully. Cat and Shelby exude a palpable fervor for the cultivation of human flourishing which is inspiring and contagious. To top it off, they created a culture within the cohort rooted in safety, empathy and authentic connection. It was an optimal––I’d even say soulful and fun––learning environment."

Michael Rempel

Yugen Certified Couch and Former Guitarist at Lotus

What support will I receive?

Support from Dedicated Yugen Coaches

When the training begins, you will be assigned a mentor who is a certified Yugen coach. This person is available to answer questions, support in homework and is on your team throughout the training!

Access to an Active Alumni Group

The Yugen Institute has an active alumni group that you will be invited to network and collaborate with as soon as you join the community.

Active Learning Platform

We use a learning platform to host the training. Throughout the class, you will post homework, share videos, and engage with the material online while recieving feedback, comments, and support.

Pod Meetings

When you are in the training, you will be assigned to a group of fellow students that will meet weekly to practice and complete your assignments with.

Program Cost

Our 6-month program is a profound investment in your growth and transformation. We limit your cohort to 15 participants, some whom we’ve encouraged years prior to wait until a more optimal time to train with us. We never presume training with us is the right choice for you! Your enrollment will be considered on a first come first serve basis. You need to complete and submit all application materials, in addition to your deposit, in order to be considered.

The $250 deposit is non-refundable. If you decide withdrawing from class is the best option for you, the refund will be based on the date of withdrawal and how much of the course you’ve taken.

Financially speaking, we strive to keep our tuition low and we do not subscribe to ‘abundance mentality’ paradigms that might encourage someone to spend money they don’t have. Depending on your emotional constitution, taking on a larger investment than you’ve saved up for might ironically prevent you from being emotionally supple enough for such an intensive training.
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Payment Details:

Early Registration through May 15th, 2022: $6,500

Tuition through the end of registration (September 1st 2022): $7,200 

Scholarship Rate (2 spots available): $4,200

Grad Rate: $4,200 (limited availability)

A training like no other

“In this course group work, Shelby formed a safe, welcoming environment for me to sort out my experience. I have not only begun accepting myself and gaining confidence but I also realize that I can allow myself to embrace my emotions. Shelby helps my light shine brighter, and supports me in discovering parts of myself I never knew were missing! 10/10 I would recommend.”
Madi R. Student
Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.
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Cat and Shelby

Meet your trainers


This is Cat Gelinas and Shelby Robbins – we are so excited to welcome you into this course.

We have both experienced firsthand the powerful shifts that happen in energetic containers. Both of us have had our own unique journey in relating to our emergent life path and the challenges of listening and transforming with that growth.

We hold that experience arises within a vast, open space.

We hold that a flourishing self is available for all.

We invite you into relationship with us here.

Together, we will explore, uncover, open and refine our natural impulse for profound evolution.

Some considerations before signing up with us:

We imagine that this cohort is the perfect combination of people to both teach, support and trigger you. We expect trigger will happen – it often does in growth experiences – and we do not view it as a necessarily bad or good thing. Our students report that much of their learning stems from experiences with their cohort as with their instructors. You’ll likely spend the year practicing with a blend of therapists & coaches, along with artists, travelers, change makers, bodyworkers and various spiritual seekers. Your ability to learn from this variety of values & perspectives is a part of the course.
If you’re feeling anxious, know that our instructors can be intense – and they are extremely committed to not only kindness, but humility as well. At the end of the day we know that only you can determine the best style of facilitation for you. That said, you still may experience training with us as uncomfortably direct. Our interview process sorts for participants who are stable enough in their personal lives to navigate possible emotional upheaval at times.

Interested in the course?

These 6 months of training are a joy to participate in.

It truly makes the entire year a more rich & productive time for everyone, students and faculty alike.

And we aren’t spiritual entertainers. We wouldn’t dedicate our careers to this if the Yugen Foundation Training didn’t also reliably lead to concrete results.

Happier families, more fulfilling relationships, a new project, a more successful company of your own…

If you’ve made it this far down our page, you’ve likely tasted the dropping into the zone with full access intuition and flourishing awareness states.

This application of coaching, facilitation, and/or mediation can be integrated and brought into high-leverage situations…

Extraordinary doors tend to open as you cultivate this level of leadership.

This training is for you if…

You are interested in a natural release into a larger sense of self, and your deeper capacities

You are in a transition or looking for the next step

At-home learning works really well for you

You want to relieve suffering both within yourself and the collective

Your personal transformation and deep inquiry is a part of your spiritual path.

You are interested in cultivating new ways of leadership

Words from our students!

"The Yugen Foundations Training deepened, broadened and profoundly enriched my capacities as a personal coach. The training beautifully combined a strong foundation in developmental theory with experiential learning that continually brought me to my own growth edges while refining my ability to show up for my clients more skillfully. Cat and Shelby exude a palpable fervor for the cultivation of human flourishing which is inspiring and contagious. To top it off, they created a culture within the cohort rooted in safety, empathy and authentic connection. It was an optimal––I’d even say soulful and fun––learning environment."
Michael Rempel
Coach, and Former guitarist from the band Lotus 

What sets this training apart from others?

If you’re fascinated by the awakening path, personal development….

If you want to actually dive into causes of suffering and get to the heart of our human journey…..

Then this learning journey, quite simply, may be a beautiful match.

At Yugen Institute, we’re all about honest and lasting shifts in our lives.

And we’ve developed and inherited some tools, maps, and processes that support transformation that are truly sustainable.

A part of what this healing journey invokes is access to a broader sense of creativity and inquiry.

As we transform into more and more authentic versions of ourselves, we tend to have a newfound sense of clarity, that is more granular and precise.

The way we perceive the world, access sensation and information, and the ways we feel into each other completely shifts.

With this personal unfolding, greater innovation, creativity, and passionate aliveness is available for the system of the self.

Ways of visioning, manifesting, and tapping into our transcendent experiences unveils.

Thus, our every interaction enriches with its own becoming.
There is so much more to this training than we can cover on a webpage. And our hope is to sincerely invite you into this journey with us, and this community.

With love,
Cat Gelinas & Shelby Robbins

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A Final Thought

We live in a time where so many of us are waking up to the possibility that we can make a living truly helping others while having the freedom and flexibility we crave. The possibilities are truly endless here.

Our Foundation Training is designed to take you into the future of transformative healing… now. You’ll be at the forefront of a new movement in healing psychology that addresses all of who we are as human beings – body, mind, heart, and soul.

The benefits from this training are many – and because it’s designed to meet people very precisely where they are at, the benefits are across the board. Typically, our students report a profound transformation that has supported them in expanding into a new phase of life.

We look forward to reviewing your application and meeting you in the Training!

Our warmest regards,

Shelby Robbins and Cat Gelinas
Founders of the Yugen Institute
“I took the Yugen Foundation 2019 class to gain more knowledge and accelerate my path to becoming an intuitive coach. Cat and Shelby have so much information to share about such a new field of practice. They have been dedicating their lives for several years forging the path, clearing away the nonsense, and really getting to the nitty-gritty, which they willingly shared. The squads were beyond interesting. Everyone came with different gifts and talents and it was really cool to watch how each person’s talents evolved under their guidance. I enjoyed applying the verbal concepts to the energetic world. It gave me the ability to better track what was happening, why, and how to move through it. Now when something comes up, I can say “hey, this is shadow showing up!” and start working through it. Thanks guys!"
Molly Davis
Energy Healer

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