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Coaching is a continuous process that is always evolving. As your life unfolds, your coaching will naturally shift and change with you.

For experienced practitioners or for the new coach, this supervision is a chance to receive feedback, and refine your coaching technique and skill, as well as an opportunity to look at any personal trigger or shadow coming up within your practice. It is also a chance to catch your coaching style up to your current perspective and place of making meaning.

Areas we will explore

Projections between coach and client
Rescuer, victim, and perpetrator narratives in coaching
Managing triggers - yours and your clients
Personal insecurity as a coach
Attraction to and from clients
Holding your agenda for your client lightly
Personal shadow and blind spots
Imposter syndrome
Power dynamics between coach and client
Communication between sessions

Tools we use

Shadow Integration Work
Adult development
Compassion Research

What support will I receive?

Bi-weekly Calls

Intensive educational time with the facilitators.

Bi-weekly Peer Support Groups

A time to review, ask questions, and get feedback from peers.

Collaborative Online Learning Platform

A collaborative space for questions, processing, and ways to access the facilitators between sessions.

Weekly Homework and Practice Options

Options to continue growing between sessions and to deepen the learning from within the calls.

Meet the Team

Yotam Schachter

Coach and Facilitator
Yotam Schachter is a coach, facilitator, and teacher specializing in emotional fitness and the art of change. In addition to his training in traditional coaching tools such as Adaptive Leadership and Internal Family Systems, Yotam's work draws from his experiences as a massage therapist, rabbinical student, investment analyst, and meditator. He helps clients to find beauty, wisdom, and opportunity in their toughest challenges.

Cat Gelinas

Coach. Facilitator. Yugen Institute Co-founder.
Cat Gelinas is a Development Coach, Teacher, and the Co-Founder of the Yugen Institute. A professional nerd of the art & science of being human, creating deep, meaningful relationships, and the expansion of one’s potential in life. Since 2005, she has trained in development, shadow work, ancestral healing, relational leadership skills, communication skills, and more. She has coached and supported others on their journey to explore what it is to be a human, personal growth, & creating lives they love. Her delight in life is to meet people where they are and, with a welcoming and compassionate curiosity, bring to light what people are needing and support them in their evolution and movement towards aliveness.

Shelby Robbins

Facilitator & Yugen Institute Co-founder.
Shelby Robbins is a personal development coach in Boulder, Colorado. Her mission is to support the flourishing of all life and the deep potential of the human being. As you transform through many selves and relax into more complex or whole ways of making meaning, she supports you in accessing an ecstatic aliveness in all the places you touch the world. Shelby has trained in relational leadership and communication skills, developmental coaching, shadow work and integration, awareness and embodiment techniques, personality maps, systems thinking, and more… Her philosophy is rooted in over a decade of her personal self-development and her journey through several major life-upheavals. Her experience of both the empty and full aspects of life, support her and her clients towards the ever unfolding integration and expansion of  awareness of our inherent wholeness.


Join us this March!

Thank you! We hope you can join us for this supervision course.

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