Work with Yugen certified coaches

Are you looking for a professional coach to assist you in reaching your goals? We hold our coaches to high ethical and moral standards.  We nourish this network frequently with new training in service of maintaining up-to-date coaches and in-turn encouraging the development of the The Yugen Programs. 

Current Yugen Coaches

Janelle Williams

Work with me
Janelle is passionate about coaching, and supporting others in healing their past so that they can step into a brighter present. Janelle is a mother, lives on a farm, and cherishes all life.

Molly Davis

Molly is a Yugen Coach who is dedicated to supporting others in their healing. She is a master of parts work and supporting others in healing their fractures.

Heather Ribbs

Work with me
Heather Ribbs is passionate about guiding others to reach for new ways to live consciously in acceptance and celebration of their own unique nature. Heather is aware of the profound impact that trauma and social conditioning has on our behaviors and is deeply moved to support people in transforming and integrating unconscious shadow. She especially loves to work with people of any age who yearn to love all aspects of themselves into wholeness.

Joyha Baker

Work with me
Joyha’s loves supporting others in achieving their goals, whether in your relationships, career or personal development, so that you can be ‘in the flow’, feeling supported by the Universe.  Her mission is to provide space, energetic support and guidance for her clients who commit to self-understanding, internal shifts and their own deep healing.

Yugen Artist:
Eleana Oceanheart

The Yugen Institute invited Eleana Oceanheart, a visionary artist who’s deeply attuned deeply to subtle energetics, to create a painting of Yugen’s essence on behalf of the Institute. The painting supports the institute in continuously embodying its purpose more fully in the world and invites a quality of alive expression into form. Thank you Eleana for your potent work! We currently have the painting radiating from our offices here in Colorado.

Eleana’s “Essence Creations” are personalized Energy Paintings. They support by inviting a more full embodiment of ones presence by radiating purpose and aliveness in form.
Learn more about Eleana's work here
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