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Advanced Mentorship

You are interested in continued 1-1 support with your growing edges or with your coaching practice… and would benefit from some focused time with Cat or Shelby.

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Continue connecting, conversing, and sharing resources with the Yugen Alumni through shared online spaces and group events. 

Advanced Training

You are looking to deepen your coaching skills in an advanced group, with other highly skilled participants.

Advanced Training 2020

Yugen Graduates,

Welcome to the Dojo. This is where we play after receiving our black belt in the EM Coaching Program.  Here we learn from each other. We play big. We go hard. We get incredible feedback, and we hone our skills.

In this course, you’ll be…. – Receiving a ton of attention + specific feedback on your coaching. – Receiving a ton of attention + specific feedback on your personal development and how to continue leaning into your edge. – Deepening in practice, frameworks, connection, and skill together. – Honing, refining, and perfecting skills learned in the Yugen Foundations Course!

This course feels like you’ve been shot out of a rocket. Everything that’s been integrating since the Yugen Foundations Course has an opportunity to deepen, manifest and expand with an advanced group of practitioners.

*If you did not pass certification in the Yugen Foundations Course, there is another opportunity to be certified after this class.

We love you all so much. We hold you dearly. And we’re so excited for another opportunity to be in connection with you all and your brilliance.

Dates:Every other Saturday, starting on September 12thand ending on November 21st

Times:9am MT – 5pm MT

Continued Mentorship

Ongoing 1-1 support with Yugen Staff

Leaning into Edges

If you’re looking to advance your current coaching practice, or are looking for guidance through a specific growth transition, deepening into your learning edges with continued, focused mentorship  with Cat or Shelby is a direct way to advance those goals. 

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Welcoming the graduates of EM 2020 into the grad community.