We are on a mission to train agility with perspective


Our perspective is the most influential factor for our own thriving, and yet most of us feel like we have no control over it - it's a given or we categorize perspectives other than our own as wrong.

We are here to change that.

We envision a world where people are consciously exploring their own perspective - examining bias, navigating unconscious material, and crafting internal processes that support a healthy and robust perspective and thus experience of life. 

Doing this creates deeper peace and freedom within one's self, and enriches life, communities, families, and relationships across contexts. 

What's possible when you can move between perspectives with agility? 

Our coaching school trains you in this skill. 

We've found that coaching with the focus on training perspective taking creates a unique kind of coach. Our coaches are able to work across contexts creatively and effectively to support their clients in solving problems and creating a life that they dream of. 
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More access to people from all walks of life. 
Furthering conflict resolution skills
Access to more nuance and a deeper experience of life
Greater ability to work within complexity
Cultivating skills to respond to emergent phenomenon 

Our Core Values

Respect the Individual 
We think that every individual is a full and unique world. When we engage with another, we are both guests in both worlds.  Mutual respect is an essential starting point for engagement.
Curious Introspection
Meangingful change often starts through curious introspection. Being willing to question, be wrong, witness, and learn about oneself is essential for shifting, crafting, and developing perspective.
Committed to Results
We are committed to prioritizing results. We strive to deliver simple, easy, and effective practices and results in our products. We do what works. 

Yugen (N): A profound awareness of the universe, that allows one to view humanity in a new way. 
Contact with suffering, grace, and wholeness arise, creating an experience beyond language. 

The Curriculum

At the Yugen Institute, we pull from countless bodies of work. The Yugen staff trained and studied under many teachers, with multiple specialties, certifications, degrees, and embodied understandings. The general break down of the curriculum we pull from looks like….
Adult Ego-Development Theory 
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Shadow Work and Integration
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Relational and Communication Skills
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Awareness / Presence Practice
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Systems Thinking
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Adult Ego-Development Theory and Practice
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Shadow Work and Integration
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Relational and Communication Skill
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Awareness / Presence Practice
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Subtle Energetics (systemic and individual)
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Highly skilled coaches and consultants in our network bring decades of experience using a variety of diverse practices. These lenses serve as a meta-framework to suggest detailed, tangible ways to bring about enduring shifts in our clients and their systems. Within this broad methodology, we integrate multiple tools a to generate motivation, clarity, and results for our clients. The following list identifies technologies or psychometric systems we integrate across our services to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Enneagram Personality Map
  • STAGES Adult Development Map
  • Kegan's Ego-Development Map
  • Non-Violent Communication Mediation Skills
  • Relational Leadership Skills
  • Family Constellation Work
  • Somatic Psychology Techniques
  • Systems Thinking
  • Depth Psychology
  • Holocratic Organizational Thinking
  • Mindfulness and Meditation Technique
  • Internal Family Systems

Who we work with

Emerging students
Internal and external coaches
Leaders at all levels
You are just entering into the wide world of personal development and are wanting some support navigating these waters. You are possibly overwhelmed with all of the options out there and are seeking specific guidance, on where to focus in on your personal work and why. Perhaps you are hoping to become a coach, want to serve people in larger ways, and are just getting started on your professional journey in the personal development world. Joining a personal development community that has clear directionality, long-term support, and broad integrated experiences will be supportive for you.
You are an independent coach or part of a team of coaches. You offer coaching services to individuals and/or organizational clients. You may belong to an organization that offers its leaders the advantage of working with a coach. In each case, Yugen programs will significantly enhance the support you offer. We have certification programs for coaches to use our frameworks to more powerfully serve their clients’ development. We also coach coaches who would like to engage more fully with their own process and ever shifting perspective. One of the biggest benefits of engaging with us is gaining an entry into our community of vibrant and enthusiastic coaches who are actively applying, expanding on and learning from our frameworks.
We support leaders at all levels with a variety of offerings tailored for stage development. From emerging leaders, entrepreneurs, and those up and down the ladder, we offer layered services that progress over time in a structured way. We offer targeted coaching and workshops that calibrate shifts and evaluate potential for forward growth.

Who we are

Cat Gelinas


Cat Gelinas is a Development Coach, Trauma-informed EFT Practitioner, and Relational Facilitator.

She has a passion for bringing people the tools to connect, emotional mastery and navigate the human experience.

She saw from a young age, much suffering in her family and those of her friends.  She has been impassioned about the human experience and what contributes to happiness and suffering.  She trained in many modalities over the years trying to understand this conundrum to help others.  

Since 2011, she's trained in inherited ancestral trauma,  trauma-informed EFT work, adult ego development, positive psychology, coaching, and shadow work including family systems therapy. 

She loves working with teens and teaching them Authentic Relating skills that she wished she'd had to help them navigate their social world with more ease and depthful connection.

Her mission is to support people in resolving emotional mastery, moving beyond self-imposed limitations, and developing consciousness capacities to create freedom and aliveness in their lives.  

In her free time, she loves hiking and being in nature with her dogs & family, yoga, and the hygge + wabi-sabi lifestyle. 

Shelby Robbins


Shelby Robbins is a personal development coach in Boulder, Colorado. Her mission is to support the flourishing of all life and the deep potential of the human being. 

Shelby has trained in communication tools such as NVC, MI, and Integral Circling, adult ego-development, STAGES, cognitive psychology, depth psychology such as shadow integration and family systems therapy, awareness and embodiment techniques, personality maps, systems thinking, and more… Her philosophy is rooted in over a decade of her personal development and her journey through several major life-upheavals. She is a former self development training junky who has plenty of certifications to draw upon however, ultimately, it is her experience of both the empty and full aspects of life that support her and her clients towards deeper intimacy, integrity and choice. 

In her spare time, Shelby works in residential treatment with teenagers who suffer from a wide range of mental illnesses and trauma. Helping others discover how facing suffering honestly and directly can open doors to fulfillment, brings Shelby unspeakable joy. 

Our Story

We get to work with our best friend! And it is so awesome. 

We first met in 2018 at a personal development training. Shelby was on staff, and Cat was quickly invited to the staff team as her natural skills in precision and empathy became apparent.  

Through our work together, we discovered we had a chemistry and shared vision in our approach to coaching that lit us up.

We had struggled to find a training that worked for all of our values in coaching and addressed the "whole" individual. While we saw valuable aspects in individual courses, nothing stood out as synthesizing everything we saw as important into an inclusive training that aligned with our vision.

And so, we decided to create that training ourselves. The Yugen Institute was launched in 2019, and we've been living our dream since. 

Welcome to the Yugen Institute! 

Create sustainable and ethical change for yourself and others. 
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