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The Yugen Affect on Coaching

The Yugen Institute works with coaches, therapists, helpers, and leaders around the world, supporting them in navigating toward more resilient relationships, integral solutions, and creating meaningful impact. 
The work we do goes beyond coaching training. Through powerful teaching methods and cutting edge content, the Yugen Institute delivers contextually relevant and experiential learning that develops the deepest expression of leadership and transformation in each human being.

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With our online 4-day Essentials Workshop

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Before taking the plunge into our 6-month certification training, practice the Yugen Essentials in this 4-day online workshop. 

This is a rigorous introduction with our Foundation for practitioners, therapists, coaches, and helpers who are interested in expanding their skill set.

The Yugen Coach Certification

Once you've mastered the basics, begin your path towards becoming a coach. Informed by 10+ years of coaching, this certification will prepare you for a potent career in coaching, develop your leadership skills, and transform you towards your goals.
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Words from our coaching graduates

"This course has been life-changing in the sweetest way. Beautiful, kind, and the perfect amount of challenging. Thank you, Yugen, for wanting more for me than I ever dared to want for myself." 

- Heather Ribbs, Yugen Certified Coach 
Meet Shelby & Cat

Hello! We're here to help you.

We are Cat Gelinas and Shelby Robbins. We are two personal development experts, coaches, and psychology nerds who are here to help you on your coaching journey. 
We run the Yugen Institute, a coaches training and soft-skills school. We teach sustainable, impactful, development and trauma-informed skills that create tangible results in life and will support you in your relationships with clients and yourself. 

Welcome!  We can't wait to get started and to get to know you. 
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Yugen (N): 

A profound awareness of the mystery of the universe, that allows one to view humanity in a new and powerful way. 

An intimacy with suffering, grace, and longing arises from this place, that guides us towards increasing wholeness.  

About Yugen

4 Components of our Curriculum 

These 4 elements inform the Essentials weekend and define the Coaches Training. 
Our 4 key modules
Having each of these modules as tools in your tool belt will equip you to handle almost every situation that can come up with a client.  For example...
How to help your client when they are going through an overwhelming emotional experience... 
How to deliver that challenging feedback that will really benefit them... 
Your client is content however complacent. How to bring them into relationship with their potential... 
Supporting your client in prioritizing everything they want to get done so they actually do it.... 
Adult Development
How do adults develop and perceive the world around them and themselves? In what direction do they develop and why?  These questions are essential to understand as a coach! Adult development theory is a pillar of our curriculum and coaching method. 
Communication tools allow you to bring all of your awareness and knowledge to others, while listening and deeply understanding them. Develop the skills of listening, reciprocity, boundary-setting, and ways of expressing yourself honestly and directly with compassion. 
Support your clients in creating and implementing a plan and strategy towards having the life they want. Help them make tangible progress towards their goals. This is where you will get very concrete, immediate results with your clients - while the inner work may take more time and has a cascading impact - this is immediate. 
Shadow Work 
As we make steps towards our goals, fear, panic, self-sabotage, and a wide range of inner obstacles are likely to surface. In this pillar we teach you how to support yourself and your clients through those inevitable and intimate moments. Here we work with resolving unconscious behaviors, beliefs, cognitive bias, and emotions.