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Create sustainable and transformative change for yourself and others. A professional development and trauma-informed coaches training.

Develop Yourself Through The Four Essentials Courses

The 4 Yugen Essentials Self-Paced Video Courses are required before you can apply for the 9-month Coaches Training. 
Start with any of the four to begin your journey at the Yugen Institute. 

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The Unconscious
This is a 4-module course on developing an empowering and intimate relationship to your unconscious.  

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Adult Development
Coaching is the act of supporting adults in developing into deeper and fresh versions of themselves.

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Develop skills to communicate with your clients in a way they feel truly known and heard in a way that they have never experienced before.  

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This module is about making strategizing, goal-setting, habit-creation, accountability, and long-term success much easier for both you and your clients. 

The Yugen Coach Certification

Informed by 10+ years of coaching and experts in the field, this certification will prepare you for a potent career in coaching, develop leadership skills, and transformation in your own personal growth journey. 
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Words from our coaching graduates

"This course has been life changing in the sweetest way. Beautiful, kind, and the perfect amount of challenging. Thank you, Yugen, for wanting more for me than I ever dared to want for myself." 

- Heather Ribbs, Yugen Certified Coach 
Welcome to the Yugen Institute

Hello! We're here to help you.

Hi! We are Cat Gelinas and Shelby Robbins. We are two personal development experts, coaches, and psychology nerds who are here to help you on your coaching journey. 
We run the Yugen Institute, a coaches training and soft-skills school. We teach sustainable, impactful, development and trauma-informed skills that have tangible results in life and will support you in your relationships with clients and yourself. 

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