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Sharpen your "soft-skill" toolbelt. These accessible yet rigorous skills are domain independent - meaning they support individuals across various contexts in their lives. 
We will teach you: 
1. Clean up your past (Become a shadow ninja!)
2. Invaluable Communication Skills 
3. Development and Growth Maps 
4. Agency and Generative skills

Online Education in personal Transformation 

Stop re-creating the past

Without these soft-skills, most of us spend our time re-creating the past. Whether it's finding ourselves stuck in awkward or toxic relationships, unable to really go for what we want, or becoming numb or unstable, these old patterns don't have to control your life.   
We are here to help. 

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Pick which class to start with! We have five courses, that each specialize in a domain of soft skills. Take one, or take them all. 


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Practice your skills! 
Take the skills you've learned into the world. Where are things working? What might you need to revist?


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Four Pillars of Personal Development

Communication Skills

Learn how to effectively communicate with others. Create intimacy, and belonging, quickly. 

Adult Ego-development

What is growth? Why grow? This map is a great tool to direct growth and personal evolution in productive and practical ways. 

Skills in Agency

This is about getting your hands in the dirt. Learn the best ways of application, generation, and result oriented action. 

Shadow Work

Discover the mechanics of trigger, projection, parts work, and the unconscious. Work with bias and the value that comes with deconstructing and constructing personal meaning. 
Skill build in any of these 1-month online courses 
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Hi! We're so happy to meet you.

We are Cat Gelinas and Shelby Robbins, the co-founders of the Yugen Institute. 

We are passionate about supporting people in developing the skills they need to thrive in the complexity of our current world. 

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